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Healthy Vegetarian Recipes

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vegetarianism for health

Overweight is not the only popular concern in this age of plentiful and sophisticated food; heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and other adult diseases are some of the other threats we face today.  Vegetarianism has thus become extremely popular in Europe and the United States, and vegetarian restaurants have opened up practically everywhere in response.  

In recent years, vegetarian restaurants have also become a common sight in Taiwan.  Besides those who eat in such establishments for religious reasons, more and more people patronize them for physical health and beauty.

In the process of evolving from herbivore to omnivore, the human race learned to eat meat.  Man discovered that flesh foods were not only tasty, but also provided him with energy and accelerated growth. It is notable, however, that in the evolutionary process, most of the original physiological functions of the body did not change along with the change in diet.

Now, in this age of processed foods, our digestive systems and metabolisms are facing a crisis of adjustment they cannot cope with. One result of this crisis is the series of adult diseases just mentioned, along with constipation and other ailments related to an inappropriate diet.  

An ''inappropriate diet" is one that is either lopsided toward one particular kind of food, or that includes too many meat and flesh foods. Due to the limitations of their environment, Eskimos living in the Arctic Circle consume mainly flesh foods and rarely eat vegetables.  According to statistics, their average life expectancy is only 27 years, and most suffer from neural disorders and other related ailments.  This can be traced to eating too much flesh food.  

Another significant benefit of a vegetarian diet is that it promotes beauty.  A vegetarian diet stimulates the metabolism and makes for a smoothly functioning digestive system, and it prevents constipation and damage to the skin resulting from the formation of amine and other harmful compounds. It makes the skin more supple, smooth, and glowing.  Adhering  to a vegetarian diet can also lower cholesterol count, an important benefit for those suffering from a variety of adult diseases.

Vegetarian foods that are high in complete proteins are beans and legumes (especially soy beans, peanuts, sesame seed, and so forth) and wheat gluten, and products made from them. Vegetarians should eat plenty of these foods for balanced and complete nutrition.  (In order to obtain all the essential amino acids for complete proteins and also obtain many other important nutrients, Advanced Liquid Nutrition is a great solution.)

Eating vegetarian food in a restaurant is certainly convenient, but when cooking your own vegetarian dishes you can control the sanitary conditions, and add a home-cooked touch to your meals that no restaurant could ever match. In this age of health and beauty consciousness, vegetarianism is one good way to cultivate both. 

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